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Commercial concrete is a wonderful flooring option for Melbourne restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues, including commercial kitchens and bars for a wide variety of reasons. 

Top of the list is concrete’s durability and slip resistance, making it a perfect option for high traffic areas. Polished concrete is a popular choice for modern urban cafes, while epoxy coatings provide a wide range of colour options, and other benefits.

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Concrete Flooring options for Cafes and Restaurants

If you run a café or restaurant, your priority is providing a top-notch experience for your customers, while also ensuring your staff are safe and your establishment meets health requirements with ease. Concrete flooring allows you to tick these boxes, meaning you can operate a venue that not only looks welcoming and modern but stands up well to high foot traffic, is slip-resistant, and is easy to clean and maintain. 

Hospitality concrete floor solutions will vary depending on the aesthetic and functionality you are after.

Concrete Flooring for Restaurants

What is the best concrete flooring for restaurants, cafes and hospitality?

Polished concrete is popular for front of house in cafes and restaurants, as it has a modern, fashionable urban look. 

This look can be achieved by grinding and sealing existing concrete. We pride ourselves on transforming concrete in any condition into beautiful surfaces you can feel proud of. We can also help you remove existing flooring, glues and other materials, and lay a new slab of concrete. 

Grind and seal polished concrete means sanding the surface of the concrete before sealing and polishing, bringing out the natural texture in your floor. Mechanically polished concrete goes a step further, grinding and sealing your floor hardening with a densifying compound and using diamond encrusted resin pads to provide a higher gloss level. 

If you are after a coloured surface or you’d like additional durability, epoxy concrete floorings are a great choice for cafes and restaurants. Epoxy flooring uses a mix of polymer resins and hardeners that chemically bond together creating a rigid floor coating. Epoxy coatings is a great option if you’d like flooring in a solid colour or if you’d like to achieve a polished concrete look with additional protection. 

Why is concrete the best flooring option for cafes and restaurants?

When you compare concrete flooring to other surfaces, it’s clear why it is increasing in popularity for venues across Melbourne. 

While tiles, wood, carpet, marble and other flooring options have their benefits, concrete allows you to achieve a stylish look, for both a fraction of the price and greater serviceability. 

Polished concrete offers style and practicality, while epoxy flooring is popular for both front of house, and particularly in busy commercial kitchens and bars, where spills are easy to clean. 

Concrete flooring can also be used in outdoor areas of cafes and restaurants, with a wide range of options – including honed concrete, for a smooth, refined surface popular for alfresco dining. Depending on the look you’re after, exposed aggregate is also popular in outdoor areas.

Commercial Flooring for Kitchens

Operating a commercial kitchen, whether it is in a hotel, for a catering business, restaurant, café or a hospital, means following stringent safety and health standards. 

Unlike vinyl or tile floors where grime can accumulate and mould and bacteria can grow, polished or epoxy concrete flooring provide a seamless finish, making it easy to clean. An antimicrobial coating can also be applied, providing additional resistance to germs. 

As busy workplaces, commercial floors need to stand up to spills and equipment use. Concrete flooring is up to the task, providing a long-lasting, impact-resistant surface, impermeable to most chemicals. Despite its shiny appearance, concrete is not slippery, providing a safe space for staff to work and customers to come and go. 

Concrete is so versatile, it’s also a great choice for other areas, including bathrooms, pool decks, changing rooms and in guest rooms. Whether you’re operating a café, restaurant or bar – or a larger venue such as a hotel, casino or spa, concrete can offer a fashionable and practical solution to take your premises to the next level.

Why Concrete Floor Renovations?

We have over 20 years’ experience in the concrete flooring industry, and we’re very proud of our fantastic reviews. As one of Melbourne’s top concrete flooring renovation companies, here at CFR, we specialise in providing a solution for polished concrete, concrete sealing, epoxy flooring, floor levelling, floor removals, and concrete grinding. We love making even the oldest, most damaged floors look brand new. 

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