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Are you building or renovating a warehouse in Melbourne? While there are a lot of options to weigh up when it comes to flooring, you can’t beat concrete for industrial settings. If your existing concrete flooring is damaged, you need a new slab poured or you’d like to replace your current floor covering, we’re happy to guide you through the build or renovation process and show you how versatile and practical concrete is.

Best Flooring for Warehouses

Warehouse floors need to work as hard as you do. That’s why concrete flooring is so ideal for busy industrial sites. Not only is it durable, long lasting and very cost efficient. Concrete flooring offers a wide range of benefits, making it ideal for warehouses, including:  

  • Durable 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Slip-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Impermeable to chemicals
  • Work, health & safety compliant 
  • Modern look and feel 
  • flooring for warehouses in Melbourne

    Flooring Solutions for Warehouses

    Concrete flooring for warehouses provides you with the confidence you need to get on with the job, while your flooring stands the test of time.
    If you’re looking for flooring for warehouses in Melbourne, We offer a few options to consider.  

    Flooring Solutions for warehouses

    Renovating Existing Floors

    When renovating an existing floor, you may need to consider remedial work first. This may involve levelling the surface, or removing damaged tiles, wood, linoleum or even carpet. We may find a beautiful slab of concrete underneath, or it may be worth pouring new concrete. Either way, we can guide you through the process, and discuss the options available to you.

    New Flooring

    If you are building from scratch, you can choose from a number of options such as a textured look, a solid matte finish, a high gloss look and a range of colours. Depending on the type of warehouse you run, the industry you are in and your budget, we can advise on the best options to consider.


    While untreated concrete may crumble and erode over time, all our renovated and finished concrete floors are durable, slip resistant and hard-wearing. However, there are some additional questions to ask yourself before deciding on the type of finish needed to get the most from your concrete flooring, based on how you use your warehouse.

    Will your Floors be Wet?

    While sometimes wet floors cannot be avoided, it may be worth investing in epoxy flooring, involving a polymer and resin coating. This will protect your concrete, it will be easier to clean while providing the most slip resistance.

    Are Outdoor Areas Used?

    While your warehouse is an indoor facility, often outdoor areas are important for overflow, or during deliveries. A grind and seal polished concrete would be worthwhile in this instance, to protect your floors, handle wear and tear and provide a seamless surface between indoor and outdoor spaces.


    Your finished concrete floors will last for decades, making them very cost-effective over time. It is worth investing in quality industrial flooring that will last. Grind and seal concrete flooring will provide you with the most affordable surface. However, you may find mechanically-polished concrete or epoxy provides you with the aesthetic and benefits more suited to your environment.

    Look and Feel

    It’s worth taking time to consider how you would like your flooring to look. To protect your concrete flooring, and ensure it is fit for purpose, we recommend grind and seal. Polished concrete will give you a more aesthetically pleasing, modern look, with either a high gloss or matte finish available. Epoxy flooring allows you to customise your floor in a wide range of colours and textures, via a polymer resin coating.

    Industrial flooring FAQ's

    Are you considering renovating or installing a new concrete floor for your warehouse? Here are some FAQs to consider: 

    How long does concrete flooring take to install?

    We will need to factor in the size of your floor, any required remedial work and finishes you require. We recommend allowing 1 to 2 weeks for the job, but it may be finished in a couple of days.

    Is concrete flooring expensive?

    No, concrete flooring is incredibly cost-effective for warehouses. It will last for many years, with very little maintenance. You can opt for a simple grind and seal finish or other coatings and finishes depending on your needs.

    Is coloured concrete available?

    There are a range of style options to match your aesthetic needs. Coloured aggregate or flakes can be embedded in your flooring, or you can choose from various epoxy coating colours to add excitement and interest to your warehouse flooring.

    We Look Forward to Meeting You

    Here at Concrete Floor Renovations, we have over 20 years’ experience in the concrete flooring industry. We’re proud of the high-quality work we complete and the fantastic reviews we have received and we look forward to helping you with all your concreting floor needs.  

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