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Building a car park is no easy feat. As structures that are used every day, there’s a lot of design and planning that goes into them. The people who use them rarely notice or appreciate what it takes to build a car park. But, they don’t need to. Every day users should have access to a functional car park that is safe, well designed and easy to navigate. That’s where we come in.

We have over 20 years of experience in the commercial concrete flooring industry, so we know a thing or two about building a safe and structurally sound car park. As one of Melbourne’s top concrete flooring businesses, we offer experience and a skill level that is second to none.

If you’re planning to build a car park, concrete should be the only type of material you consider. Let’s find out why.

Concrete Car Park Design

Commercial Concrete Car Parks

If you’re building a new car park or resurfacing a new one, concrete is the best material available. Polished concrete has countless benefits when using it for commercial use. For large structures, such as a car park, the structural frame needs to perform 100% of the time in a variety of different areas and conditions. The following list indicates the many benefits of using concrete for a car parks.

concrete car park construction


The durability of concrete flooring can’t be questioned as it can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic. Additionally, the cost to maintain a concrete park is very low, and when properly sealed and protected, it lasts a very long time.

Cost Over Time

Although there are other options such as bitumen that can offer a lower upfront cost when cars of different sizes pass through a car park frequently. Bitumen is often needing repairs and removal of worn areas last no where near as long as concrete. Concrete is much better at withstanding the elements and provides a long lasting floor that over time will save you big in repairs and maintenance costs.

Hard Wearing

Concrete is a hard wearing material that can withstand heavy wear and tear. Thanks to its grinded and sealed surface, polished concrete resists staining, and so it will always look good.

Fire Protected

Concrete is inherently fire resistant and doesn’t require additional fire protection. This benefit removes the cost and time of additional fire protection.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Car Parks

Precast concrete is commonly used in the construction of multi-storey car parks due to its enhanced structural strength and durability. Car park contractors build multi-storey structural wall panels, interior and exterior columns, structural floors, girders, stairs and slabs to assemble and build on site. These separate parts can even be as large as double-tee structural floor modules, which are lifted in place onsite by special precast concrete lifting anchor systems. Additionally, the concrete curing time will not affect project time. Most precast products are trafficable after installation.
Most car parks require concrete wheel stops. These wheel stops are often precast and delivered which makes them the perfect addition to your concrete car park flooring and can save time and money in the construction process.

Car Park Designs

Functionality and design have become equally important considerations when developing a car park in the last few years. Epoxy flooring can be used to create a unique design. With so many variables and factors, car park designs are complex. You need to consider the size of vehicles, the space required for manoeuvring and the strength of the material used for it. Generally speaking, there are three different types of car parks:

Single Level
This is an everyday car park option for off street parking for small businesses.

Multi Level Parking
This type of car park has multiple floors on which to park on, and the design can be different depending on the space available. A typical multi level car park design is where a ramp connects each level and is the central aspect of the car park. Space efficient ramps maximise the opportunity for more car parks.

Carports or Parking Garages
Carports or parking garages are an enclosed space dedicated to parking. This type of car park is used for driveways on private property which have roofs that offer protection from bad weather.

Read our article for more info on using epoxy flooring for car parks & commercial garages.

car park design

Car Park Construction Experts

Building a car park requires expert hands. Our experience means we are one of Melbourne’s best concrete car park construction experts. We work closely with you to design a car park that fits your space and suits your needs. No matter how big or small, the projects we undertake are always completed to the highest quality and are always on time. Whether it’s levelling and laying down a relatively simple concrete parking slab or supplying the material for a multi-storey car park, we approach each job honestly. Cosmetic appeal and space will affect the cost, so we can work through these factors with you to ensure your car park is within budget.

Here at Concrete Floor Renovations We provide the design, the installation, the expertise and most importantly the friendly service required to see your project through. Give us a call or contact us to learn how we can help.

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