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How To Clean Epoxy Floors in Your Business or Home

We could go on and on about the benefits of epoxy flooring. They are tough, highly durable, and very resilient making them suitable for multiple applications such as breweries, wineries, garage floors, warehouses, and even walkways.

The question we get asked the most is how to care for your epoxy floor. The answer is quite simple, so we’ve put together an easy maintenance guide so you can clean your epoxy floors with confidence.

Clean commercial epoxy floors

Best Methods for Epoxy Floor Maintenance

Epoxy floors can be summarised in two words – low maintenance. Epoxy is known as one of the strongest resins with powerful chemical bonds, and epoxy floor coatings offer that same strength in adhesions and construction. This means that the epoxy floor is highly unlikely to get damaged, develop dents or crack over time.

Epoxy is inherently stable and heat resistant and requires very minimal cleaning. Too much cleaning can ruin the luster of coating and in extreme cases, erode adhesion properties. Here are our four recommendations for keeping your epoxy floor clean.

1. Clean Your Epoxy Floor Surface

The first and arguably most obvious step in caring for your epoxy floor is to make sure you clean it regularly to keep the surface dirt and grit-free. Dust, dirt, sand, and grime can build up in high traffic areas and if not removed, can start to show damage from scratching over a long period of time.

A simple dust mop with warm water or a shop vacuum with a soft brush attachment will work, and if you need a deeper clean, a high-pressure hose will do the trick.

2. Avoid Soap-Based Cleaners

We can use recycled materials to manufacture concrete, which decreases your environmental footprint. It saves on natural resources and pollution costs that come hand in hand with other flooring options. Additionally, concrete is considered a thermal mass as it holds and releases heat effectively, making the space more efficient to heat and cool.

Epoxy Floor Cleaning Methods for Melbourne Business

3. Spot Cleaning

Epoxy is a water-resistant material, so if there has been a spill, don’t feel you then need to clean the entire surface. A quick spot clean with a vacuum or mop with warm water will work just fine.

4. Heavy-Duty Stains and Spills

Epoxy floors used for industrial purposes are bound to get stained or soiled with harsh chemicals. If there is an accidental spill of engine oil, paints or any other type of abrasive solution, make sure you clean it immediately because it will damage the surface of an epoxy floor if allowed to sit for too long.

If you clean it up straight away, you will avoid more intensive and sometimes expensive cleaning in the future.

Some heavier stains, such as rust, may appear over time. If this occurs on your epoxy floor, make sure to use warm water with a soft brush instead of scrubbing it away. Avoid using steel wool and harsh chemicals as they are too abrasive and will be harsh on the floor.

floor mat for epoxy flooring Melbourne

In Addition to Cleaning Epoxy Floors Use Floor Mats

Using floor mats is a great way to help prevent dirt from coming into your space. By placing welcoming mats at entrances, people can wipe their feet before entering. Another great use for floor mats is to place them underneath heavy equipment or furniture to avoid damage or scratches.

Need to Learn More About Epoxy Floor Care?

Our team at Concrete Floor Renovations have over 20 years of experience in the industry and knows everything there is to know about epoxy concrete flooring for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes.

If you need to know more about the best methods to clean your concrete floors or are you looking to add epoxy flooring to your Melbourne home or business? Contact our friendly team to discuss why this floor coating might be right for you.